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I am sure that we have all heard the expression "buying or selling a home is the biggest investment you will make" so it stands to reason that we would want to do all our homework and use the very best people to help us in this transaction. The truth is that a lot of people use friends or family members who are Realtors, without considering their knowledge of the industry.


We all know someone who is a Realtor because there are a lot of Realtors out there to choose from. Some Realtors take on the profession in their later years to keep themselves busy after a full career in another field, other Realtors are drawn by a chance of a high paying profession, with many burning out in a few years. Michael has literally grown up in the Real Estate business. Michael offers decades of first-hand Real Estate experience.


I am NOT your average Realtor, simply because I grew up in the buying and selling of Real Estate!


When I was six years old my mother and my father divorced, my mother kept the house and she realized early on that if she fixed the house up that she would be able to sell it for a tidy profit. And so my life in Real Estate was started.


For the next 13 years my mother would buy, fix up and then sell homes. I moved all over from home to home and my older brother and I became very good at painting, laying moulding and casings, sanding floors, laying tiles, laying down hardwood floors, taking down wallpaper, opening up small rooms to create open spaces etc etc. We were my mothers very own two man construction crew.


Now most of this took place during the 70's when it was common for the buyer to go with their Realtor to the sellers house and present the offer to both the seller and the sellers Realtor. With my mother being a single mom, it was easier for her to just bring me along. So there I was so many times, sitting at a table with my mom and her Realtor across the table from a seller and their Realtor. I would be there to hear all the strategy my mother would discuss with her realtor and then watch the realtor put those plans into action. If a deal was particularly good I new that there would be a celebration at the local Dairy Queen where they would talk for an hour about the deal, the plans and cost for the renovation and of course throwing around thoughts of what it would sell for.


Each time my mother purchased a house, we then all went to work with any renovations that needed to be done. We would work our way from the top down until the whole house had been transformed into a home ready for sale.


After high school I went into construction for several years as a sheet metal worker. I then left the industry and became a Mortgage Broker. I did this successfully for several years and then joined my mother and my brother in becoming a Realtor, all the while still working on homes.


There are not many Realtors that can say they grew up watching Top Producer Realtors in action for hundreds of negotiations. Again not many Realtors can say that they spent their life buying, fixing up and then selling homes. I have acquired a talent over the decades, to be able to tell clients what their house is worth presently in the market, how much it would cost to upgrade the house and finally what the house could then sell for.


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