Why sell your home in the Winter

1. Good old Supply & Demand Less houses on the market means less competition. Less competition means you may sell your home faster and for more money. While everyone else is waiting out winter, you’ll have the pick of interested home buyers.

2. Buyers search for homes at home now Winter weather doesn’t stop buyers from looking online. Today’s buyers are educated and they know what they’re looking for.

3. No Lookie Loo's during the Winter Home buyers aren't going to open houses in negative temps for fun. If they’re suiting up with hats, gloves boots and scarves, they mean business.

4. Relocator's relocate all year Employees who are relocating to your area don’t have time to wait. This makes for an uber-motivated buyer – they want to get moving so they can get back to work.

5. Easy to impress Homes with a few tasteful decorations can show well in the winter. And doesn’t everyone appreciate fresh flowers in winter just a little bit more?

6. Wait till Winter objection is void It’s a chance to show off your home’s winter assets – cozy fireplace, non-drafty windows, newer insulation, and efficient home heating.

7. Financing faster Loans can be processed quicker because title companies aren't as busy.

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