15 Ways to Upgrade the Backyard Fence

This spring, we've already seen a ton of ways to jazz up your outdoor space here at Wimp. Whether you're planning to grow a potato tower, build your own outdoor furniture, or just create a relaxing spot where you can daydream and read, 2016 is the year to finally make your dream backyard a reality.

As I've been considering my own backyard plans, the last thing I ever thought of revamping is the fence. After all, it was built out of necessity – how else to keep the dogs from escaping? With this list of 15 people who took their backyard fences to a whole new level, however, I learned that just because they are functional doesn't mean they can't be beautiful.

From murals to mirrors, butterflies to Calvin and Hobbes (seriously!), there is no end to what you can do to spruce up your fence and make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. All these years, fences have been a giant, blank canvas just begging for inspiration. We're so glad we finally found ours!

1. Tree Mural Fence

Just a can of paint and an afternoon's work were all it took to transform this backyard fence into a whimsical, eye-catching focal point. Worried about your artistic skills? Pencil in the design (or ask a talented friend to do so), then carefully fill in with the paint color of your choice.

2. Bird House Fence

Bird-lovers, this one is for you! Build or purchase wooden birdhouses, then pick out some fun paint colors. People and birds alike will love the colorful decor.

3. Marble Fence

To recreate this look, drill holes in your fence and fill them with marbles. It's simple, but beautiful.

4. Beach Mural Fence

This beach mural is decidedly more complicated, but, if you have the funds, consider seeking a local artist to recreate the look. Even if you live in the city or the woods, every day will be a day at the beach!

5. Cozy Cottage Fence

This delightful jumble of objects makes this area of the garden feel like a tiny, secret room. Make sure that any items you choose are water and weather resilient.

6. Mirror Fence

This particular set of mirrors was crafted with vintage windows and other salvaged materials. If you're concerned about birds crashing into them, add a few press-on decals, specifically designed to save birds.

7. Calvin and Hobbes Mural Fence

This Calvin and Hobbes fence was painted in 2013 by a Reddit user who has since deleted their account. I wonder if the mysterious artist knows that they are Pinterest-famous ...

8. Butterfly Fence

You know you have a fence to be proud of when your local news shows up to do a report! That's exactly what happened to Curtis Fesser after he built these butterflies from roofing flashing and copper wire.

9. Vertical Garden Fence

Vertical gardens are an easy way to add a pop of color and life to your fence. You can buy vertical planters here.

10. Tin Can Garden Fence

Or, if DIY is more your thing, try crafting these tin can planters instead.

11. Flowers On An “Old Shutter” Fence

This lady didn't have a fence, but she did have a bunch of old shutters lying around. By standing them side by side and adding some tin flower art, she created a gorgeous and effective barrier.

12. Carved Gecko Fence

Maybe you're more of a minimalist – that's ok! Carving a gecko into your fence is the perfect way to make a quiet statement.

13. Another Vertical Garden Fence

You can never have too many vertical gardens. While all kinds of plants will grow in the space, succulents are easy to maintain and look fantastic. Best of all, they can withstand a few days without water. That's my kind of plant!

14. Rain Boot Garden Fence

If you want to upgrade your fence on a budget, look around your home for things you already own. This mom made a delightful planter out of her kid's old rain boots.

15. Sunflower Mural Fence

This sunflower mural fence is located at ChocolaTree Organic Eatery in Sedona, Arizona. It really puts the SUN in sunflower!

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