The BeetleBum Brigade is a clan in World of Tanks. This clan was started to create a home for players who enjoy playing World of Tanks and want to improve at the game. We have a diverse assortment of players of all skill levels and from all over the world. We strive to have fun and promote teamwork all the time. 

We believe that players can play each tank class right and still get great personal stats. We believe that if you play your class right you will increase the chance of your team winning the match. We ask that all our members be courteous to others in the game, we are all human and sometimes we get upset and rage, we ask that you keep that rage to yourself and not lash out at others.

If you are ever in need of answer about the game we have plenty of high level players who are more than happy to help out how ever they can. We have a very active discord and we enjoy     skirmishes. Many times members help Mr.BeetleBum make content for video's doing fun  things like Lemming trains off cliffs or heavy trains in matches.

If your looking for a fun clan, click on Indy52's icon below to check us out.