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"One of things that I am passionate about, is to let people know that rates are not fixed and that they set the rate of commission".      Michael Williams


In ontario real estate commissions are NOT FIXED. This means that if a home owner wants to sell their home and does not want to pay 5% or 6% commission, they do not have to. That said, every Realtor has the right to say "I will only work for X amount of commission".


Michael has been offering full real estate services for a fraction of the cost for years now.


Michael's unique approach to Real Estate sales blends full listing service and exposure with online social marketing to reduce expenses passing the savings on to their Sellers. Most home sales are the result of a Seller's and Buyer's Realtors working together so unlike some discount Real Estate agents.


Michael suggest that his sellers offer the Buyer's Realtors the typical FULL Buyer's Realtor's commission they're expecting or at least very close to it. This ensures enthusiastic cooperation from ALL Realtors resulting in more showings, faster sale and more money for you.


So not only will Michael help you prepare your house for sale, so that you can make  money when sell your home. But Michael also will help you save money when you sell your home with his Low Commission Plan.


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